I want to help you see and heal the invisible beliefs and unconscious behaviors that keep you stuck in negative and repetitive life patterns.

Feeling stuck in your life and fearing change doesn’t make you a “bad person.” Underneath that resistance and fear is more freedom than you can ever imagine.

I will be your trusted guide as you bust out of the matrix.

As someone with a lot of professional experience connecting art, commerce, and personal development, I know how important it is to have specific goals, and actionable methods for achieving them.

I also know hard it can be to transcend your problems when you don’t have the proper guidance or inspiration.

I’m here to help.

Some of my specialties are Men’s Coaching, Men’s Groups, Abundance Coaching, Creative Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Shadow Work, and Entertainment Coaching [01].

I am also the Co-Founder of GGroup, a community and lifestyle brand that helps men connect the worlds of creativity and self development. That’s where the “CCoaching” name comes from.


The Creative Life

Before I started my life coaching practice and GGroup, I co-founded the music discovery site RCRD LBL, collaborated with artists like the Strokes, Vampire Weekend, and LCD Soundsystem, wrote about men’s fashion for GQ and Playboy, hosted and produced my own TV show, Our Show with Elliot Aronow [02], started my own accessories brand, Jacques-Elliott, and was regularly featured in magazines including The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, Bloomberg Businessweek, Esquire, and Billboard [03].

It was a fast and fun life, until it wasn’t.


The Healing Loop

My own healing and personal development journey started with my own deep dive into recovery, procrastination, self sabotage, men’s work, and depression.

Like many people who achieve a grip of success early in life, I later discovered that all the things that were supposed to make me happy, like financial comfort, celebrity friends, and a closet full of bespoke suits, didn’t [04].

Through a combination of inner work, intense study, and the support and services of professional coaches and healers, I have created a sustainable loop that supports me both creatively and professionally.

I am going to show you how I did it, and pass all my most precious, hard-earned pearls along to you.

In our work together, I will give you the language, support, accountability, safety, and consistency that you need in order to transform in major ways.


The next step is yours for the taking

I am going to hold space for you to share and explore your challenges — and compassionately inspire you to level up in life-changing ways.

If this sounds exciting and edgy and a little scary, that is a great sign that you are ready to do this work.

Whether you are going through a rough patch, or simply want to invest in taking your creative, personal, and professional life to the next level, we can work together to help shape and bring about the life you want.

I offer a free fifteen minute phone consultation so we can review your challenges and see if you are ready to get started.

If you’re interested give me a call at 646.732.8030, or drop me an email via the link above.